About The USA Drop-Ship Directory

Having a difficult time finding quality drop-shippers? Frustrated with all the garbage marketing and advertising that comes with locating legitimate drop-shippers? It can be a very annoying task (with all the advertising) using search engines to locate these drop-shippers.

Look no further... all the hard work is done for you! Whether you're looking to start a business or add new products to your existing business - the USA Drop-Ship Directory will definitly point you in the right direction. The directory is an organized database (with over 20 categories) of drop-shipping suppliers carefully reviewed using specific guidelines.

Drop-shipping is a system that has proven to work over and over again. The USA Drop-Ship Directory will help you establish relationships with some of the best drop-shippers in the nation. These suppliers want you to succeed so you'll keep coming back.

Welcome! My name is Thomas Harris. I currently live in Phoenix, AZ. One of the main reasons I operate my own businesses is to help my family live an awesome life. Oh yea, one more thing... there is nothing like being your own boss!

The reason I created the USA Drop-Ship Directory is to make it easier for other entrepreneurs to start (or grow) their own drop-shipping business. Drop-shipping continues to be a very popular way to do e-commerce because it's relatively easy to get started and requires very little risk.

Did you know that even large big-box stores such as Nordstrom, Amazon, Kole Imports and are involved with drop-ship programs? The growth has been phenomenal the last several years and opportunities are endless in this trillion dollar market!

How Drop-Shipping Works...

      Drop Ship Infographic
The USA Drop-Ship Directory does not include paid listings. New listings are carefully reviewed using the guidelines below before they are added to the directory. This is how the directory maintains its quality. Yes, the directory does include advertising in many other areas.

Below are the guidelines for adding new drop-ship suppliers to the directory:
  • USA Address
    The company must have a valid USA address.

  • Original Manufacturer or Distributor
    Does the company make their own products? Are they an official distributor?

  • Pricing
    Is there an extra fee to drop-ship? Is there a monthly membership fee?

  • Shipping
    Does the company use your information on the shipping label? How fast are orders shipped and what shipping method is used?

  • Website Appearance & Navigation
    Does the drop-shipper have a professional and nice looking website? Are there any broken links, bad grammar or missing graphics? Does the site function correctly?

  • Customer Service
    Is the Help or Contact page easy to locate? Is there a customer service phone number on the website? How long does it take to respond via email?

Deliver a superior online directory of genuine drop-ship suppliers for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Work hard, get that money and have fun!
I hope you find the USA Drop-Ship Directory to be a very useful resource. I will strive to ensure it remains one of the most valuable FREE drop-ship directories online. Not only do I want to keep it high quality... I also want to keep it simple. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Your feedback is very important in helping make the best drop-ship directory possible. I wish you super success in all your future business endeavors!


Thomas Harris