These niches have seen decent growth in 2018, but are going to explode in 2019 Right now they have low competition, and there is so much opportunity!

There are two approaches to consider when selecting a niche.

1) Follow what you’re passionate about
2) Go after whatever is profitable

I think it’s best to strike a balance between the two. Selling what you’re passionate about means you will stay enthusiastic, be motivated to achieve, and genuinely enjoy what you’re doing. However not all niches are guaranteed to be winners in eCommerce.

My advice: look for a variety that are proven to be profitable. Rank them based on your interests, and select one of these. Doing this will strike a balance between being passionate and having a proven market for the niche.

The following niches are doing well in 2018, but are likely to blow up in 2019 and 2020.

NICHE #1: Sustainability

Research from 2017 has proven that this is now a key driver of consumer purchasing behaviour. ( Consumers will pay a higher price for a product if they know it is positively contributing to the environment.

Successful example #1:
Successful example #2:

Example Products:

- water-saving shower heads
- wooden utensils
- LED bulbs

NICHE #2: Drone Accessories

Drones have had a huge boost in popularity over the last few years and are not slowing down. PwC forecasted that this indsutry will be worth $127 billion USD by 2020 ( I would not recommend dropshipping drones themselves because they are a complicated and fragile piece of equipment, but drone accessories are cheap, small, and light. This means they are great for dropshipping.

Example products:

- spare propellers
- landing pads
- remote control cases

NICHE #3: VR Accessories

Research shows that 70% of all information on the internet exists in the form of video traffic ( It’s widely agreed that the fastest growing form of video traffic is VR. This niche is a big opportunity to get into now as it is forecasted to grow 61 times between 2015-2020 ( Similar to drones, I do not recommend dropshipping VR headsets themselves - but accessories are the way to go. Not many people are doing this, so there is the opportunity to be a first mover and become an authority in the market.

Example products:

- rubber cases for VR headsets
- wireless remote controllers
- portable bags

By Tapps, TappsTV